The best fuel*
    To live life to the full

    * Solar roasted coffee, 100% petrol free

    A delicious pack of coffee roasted on solar power, with a personal card. Sent directly to your loved ones, colleagues, employees, ... in the mailbox!

    You support each other and us during this difficult time, and we donate 5% for local production of mouth masks.

    Who are you thinking about?

    Family and friends who telework with the kids on their lap?

    People in crucial professions that you would like to put into the spotlight? 

    A friend or colleaguewith whom you can chat for hours on end?

    Grandma and grandpa who have to miss you and the children for so long?

    who are ray & jules ?

    We are a Belgian start-up with the ambition to make the coffee sector 100% CO2-free and fair.  Together with you, cup per cup.  As first worldwide, we developed the technology to slowly roast honest coffee, 100% solar-powered. 
    15 MILLION TONNES OF CO2 PER YEAR. That's what we save globally when we eliminate coffee roasted on fossil fuel!


    We are having a hard time now that people no longer drink coffee in the office. When you give sunny cups of joe to your loved ones, you help us through the dip!

    And, we help others together: we donate 5% of the amount 
    for the production of reusable mouth caps at our partner Mic Mac Minuscule