The best fuel*
    To live life to the full

    * Solar roasted coffee, 100% petrol free

    We are Ray & Jules, technology geeks, people lovers and coffee freaks. We like our coffee slow roasted, sunny & 100% petrol-free. How about you?
    Quality beans

    Quality beans

    We carefully select the best origins of Arabica coffee. Great flavour & fair working conditions.
    Both things we never compromise on.

    Slow roasted coffee

    Slow roasted

    Our unique 'rich slow roasting' process creates a rich, balanced flavour & smoother aromas.
    Developed together with Europe's top baristas.

    Coffee Powered by the sun

    Powered by the sun

    A world's first, Ray & Jules built the first solar powered roaster, for everyone:

    3x less energy, 100% artisanal taste.

    Radical Innovator 2022

    How proud we are! Ray & Jules became Radical Innovator 2022, an award for innovative and impactful solutions to societal challenges. Radical Innovators is an initiative of the Social Innovation Factory, Trends and Cera.

    Gert with Radical Innovator price
    coffee tasting

    Our story:

    Roasting our daily cup of coffee produces 15 million tons of CO2throughout the world.  Each year. 
    Ray & Jules dream of a fair & petrol-free coffee chain.  That’s why we started all-over again and make solar roasted coffee, world's first.

    At home, at work or on the go, let’s enjoy our world together and change it cup per cup.