The best fuel*
    To live life to the full

    * Solar roasted coffee, 100% petrol free

    In Belgium, you find world's most sustainable coffee roastery: we roast our coffee slow at low temperature, using 100% solar energy.
    Public health, society as a whole and economy are hit hard. 
    As Belgian start-up, we are having a very hard time now that people no longer drink coffee in the office. 


    But, here is where you can help us through the dip: enjoy our slow-roasted coffee while working home or when slowing down with your beloved ones.  Orgive a coffee present to someone.   And spread the word!

    Have a look in our webshop to choose your favourite, or at the #stayhome products we created:

    You also take care for others

    5% of the amount will be donated to manufacture reusable mouth caps by our partnerMic Mac Minuscule

    You receive also 5% discountwith thankyou-code "THROUGH_THE_DIP". 

    And of course: the planet and future generations will be forever grateful.  
    15 Million tons of CO2 per year. That's what we save globally when we eliminate coffee roasted on fossil fuel!  Read our story here.

    Take a look in our webshop or leave us a note?