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    welcome to the A-team

    Congratulations on your new role, and welcome to the A-team: a special group of digital experts who don’t just have know-how, but know how-to. We roll up our sleeves and make lasting changes.

    We’re building the future of digital, leading innovative projects and staying ahead of the latest technology.

    And you aren’t on this journey alone!

    Count with Ariad by your side - and as you transition into your new position, Ray & Jules in your mug.
    We partner with this innovative Belgian brand which is changing the way coffee is created and loved, to help kick off your newest adventure with energy and purpose.
    Hand holding mug with Sunny Joe coffee in background
    Ray & Jules box

    Ariad offers you 3 free tastings

    Ray & Jules built the world’s first solar powered roaster. 3x less energy, powered by 100% sun. FairTrade certified, with maximum use of reusable packaging and transport on renewable energy. And thanks to Ariad, you get 3 free coffee packs delivered to your home!