Brilliant Ben

    Brilliant Ben, a smooth, sustainable coffee from Ray & Jules

    Discover our new Brilliant Ben: still cosy caramel with Brazilian roots. A smooth coffee with medium body and few scruples. Brilliant Ben is mild and creamy, ideal for in between meals.

    • 100% arabica beans from Brazil
    • blend of natural and honey coffee
    • direct trade, with the support of This Side Up

    Direct trade coffee from Brazil

    This Brilliant Ben is a blend of 2 coffees from the Sorocabana region: one from Gália by Antonio Plinio and one by Marcelo Valdevino from Carlopolis. The plantations are located in the states of Paraná and São Paulo (southern Brazil) at altitudes of 450m to 1200m. Antonio and Marcelo do the picking, processing and also hulling of their berries themselves on the farm. Capricornio sorts, packs and handles exports.

    Pioneers' role in Brazil

    Capricornio, which is an export-licensed dry mill run by Luiz - a visionary agronomic scientist - and his team. They buy unsorted coffee from different farmers and break it down by quality in the mill. Brazil is known for its monoculture and that is precisely where Capricornio is playing a pioneering role with the support of This Side Up.
    6 cups of sustainable coffee

    Experiments around regenerative agriculture

    A group of producers of different sizes committed to improving soil quality. Capricornio offers them free agronomic training to improve quality and keep it stable. Experiments on regenerative agriculture are also carried out continuously.

    Reducing environmental footprint

    Capricornio reduces the environmental footprint of their 20 partner farmers: they help create water-efficient factories, implement wastewater treatment technologies and apply systems thinking to optimise all coffee processes and reduce CO2 emissions. They also encourage the use of organic manure, energy-efficient machinery and irrigation systems.
    6 cups of sustainable coffee
    Lekkere Koffie

    What will you taste?

    'Peanuts & Cream'

    Due to the light solar roast, you can taste notes of pecan, chocolate and a hint of berry in Brilliant Ben. Brilliant Ben is a versatile coffee with lots of body and can be drunk at any time. As a filter coffee, you have lots of notes in the aroma, but as an espresso, this Brilliant Ben is at its best; nice and creamy, full-bodied, slightly bitter and wonderfully balanced.

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