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    Sister's Surprise Costa Rica by Ray & Jules

    This beautiful coffee from Costa Rica is purchased from Fernando & Angie in Naranja; a region famous (and infamous) for its microclimates.

    • Specialty coffee with an SCA score of 85
    • Washed processing
    • 100% F1 Hybrid varieties, the main variety is Milenio, complemented by Centroamericano, Esperanza, Casiopea, L13A22 and Excelencia.
    Annelise from Grounds Costa Rica put us in touch with Fernando & Angie, who grow this sublime coffee. Direct trade doesn't get more 'direct' than this!

    Magical microclimates

    This coffee comes from "Finca Sebastián," Fernando & Angie's coffee plantations in the western valley of Costa Rica (in Llano Bonito, Naranja) at more than 1,800 meters above sea level.

    A region where microclimates provide a magical combination: morning sun, afternoon rain, volcanic soils and high altitudes without frost ... In short; a paradise for coffee growing.

    Direct trade via Grounds Costa Rica

    This coffee is truly the epitome of "Direct Trade": we work with Annelise of Grounds Costa Rica (in the photo you can see her with Fernando) who handles the logistics and put us in touch with Fernando & Angie's Finca.
    Annelise from Grounds Costa Rica with Fernando at the coffee plantation
    Hybrid coffee plant at plantation Finca Sebastian

    What do you taste?

    'Ripe orange & brown sugar'

    The most prominent flavors are ripe orange and tangerine and the sweet top of brown sugar and sugar cane. Those who search will also find notes of cocoa powder, walnuts, nutmeg or lemongrass. This coffee has a silky smooth body with syrupy texture.

    All of these images are the property of Grounds Costa Rica, except the image of 'Sister's surprise' by Frank Toussaint

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