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    Sister's Surprise Kenya by Ray & Jules

    This complex Kenyan coffee comes from the Tetu constituency in Nyeri County, aka the "Champagne region of coffee."
    • Specialty coffee with an SCA score of 86.5
    • manually harvested with washed processing
    • variety SL28
    This coffee comes from Tetu (Nyeri County). Quality and traceability are closely monitored at Thiriku Coffee Cooperative. The result: a deliciously complex coffee.

    Quality and traceability

    The coffee plantations are located in the Nyeri region, at an altitude of 1880 to 1970 m. 1000 small coffee farmers are active here, gathered in the Thiriku Coffee Cooperative. Processing is done centrally at the cooperative where the quality and traceability of the coffee is closely monitored.
    For exports, Thiriku proudly partners with Trabocca, which is committed to strong relationships with local people.

    Best-paid coffee farmers in Kenya

    At $1 per kilo

    Thiriku members are the highest paid coffee farmers in Kenya at $1 per kilo of coffee berries, they are also constantly challenged to improve quality and yield per coffee plant. They are assisted and supported by an agronomist from the cooperative.
    6 cups of sustainable coffee
    Sign on coffee plant with

    What do you taste?

    'Mild lemon & strawberry'

    Our unique solar-powered roasting process accentuates a soft lemon and apple acidity and notes of berry, stone fruit, strawberry and white peach.

    This Kenyan pearl has a medium lingering finish, with high sweetness and a juicy medium body.

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