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    To live life to the full

    * Solar roasted coffee, 100% petrol free

    Coffee for teleworkers

    You should know that before 10am, no matter what the question is, my answer is always 'coffee'.

    Good morning, sunshine. At home.

    Regular telework has become the new normal. Contact with the employee is fading and Ray & Jules wants to do something about it. Our coffee subscription for teleworkers keeps you in touch with your employees. So they start every day at home full of (solar) energy, with a cup of coffee roasted in the sun.

    Sustainable, tasty and fiscally beneficial. Our sunny basic formula : 1 kg of coffee delivered to your employee's home every month, € 19.5 ex. VAT. Cancellable at any time. More info? Contact us at

    simply good coffee

    simply good coffee, the sunny kind

    We only work with the best origines of Arabica coffee. Carefully selected on great flavour. We develop our recipes together with European top baristas.  Our slow roasting process preserves all the good ingredients and assures the artisanal taste.

    Ray & Jules stands for tasty, honest coffee.  Solar-roasted, fair trade and organic. Packaged CO2 neutrally. The sunny kind.

    home delivered, without worries

    With the Ray & Jules coffee subscription for teleworkers, you also ensure that they can enjoy the pleasure of a coffee break when working from home. It is administratively simple for you as an employer and we ensure that the coffee is delivered to your teleworkers at home according to the agreed frequency. Depending on the region, with electric transport.

    solar power
    Lieze, your personal barista

    fiscally advantageous

    The appreciation that employees feel about good coffee is disproportionate to the cost. Via the cafeteria plan, it is also fiscally advantageous for telework. This way you can also create a remote connection via the coffee break, tax-friendly.

    More information about the subscription for Teleworkers? Contact us directly

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